Quinton Oaks Loyalty Program


 Following is a chart illustrating the Loyalty Program savings.

Unique Opportunity

  • Save with the Quinton Oaks Loyalty Program. With costs going up and a desire to make golf course improvements, Quinton Oaks will need to raise the golf fees but we would like to offer savings to our loyalty customers.


  •  With the pre-paid purchase of 5 rounds of golf, you will be entitled to discount golf for the 2015 season, a Quinton Oaks cap ($14.95 value) and a twilight rate that starts 1 hour sooner.
  • If you purchase your 5 pre-paid rounds in March, the savings will be even greater. (Hint: buy your rounds in March and use them in April and later for further savings.)
  • Once you use your 5 pre-paid rounds, your name will be in the computer automatically giving you the discount rates and early twilight tee times.

Pre-Paid Paid Purchase

  • You can choose your pre-paid passes for the times you normally play.
  • If you normally play on Monday’s or Thursday’s, buy the Specials package and you can also use them during twilight times.
  • You can also buy the 1PM Twilight package and use them on Monday’s and Thursday’s.
Pre-paid rates if purchased in March:
Weekdays $155 Seniors: $130
Specials (Monday-Thursday)$130 Seniors: $110
Weekends$160 Seniors: $140
Twilight Rates1PM $130
4PM $110
Seniors: $110
Pre-Paid rates if paid April and beyond:
Weekdays$160Seniors $135
Specials (Monday-Thursday) $135 Seniors $115
Weekends$165 Seniors $145
Twilight Rates1PM:$135
Seniors $115