Tuesday Seniors League

Senior league is open to all men 50 years old and up.

  • The official season is from April through October.
  • The unofficial season is from November through March.

Starting times:
Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m.

The format is a modified Stableford system.

  • Double Bogey and Up = 0 points
  • Bogey = 1 point
  • Par = 2 points
  • Birdie = 3 points
  • Eagle = 4 points

Additional points can be attained by hitting a par 3 green in regulation and converting it into a par or a birdie, and by converting a sandie into a par or birdie.

Every player will have a target number. A new player will begin with a target number derived by subtracting their handicap from 40. The target number will change after every round. When a player exceeds the target number, 1/2 of the positive number will be added to the target number. When a player does not reach their target number, the target number will be reduced by a maximum of 1.


The cost is an annual fee of $9.00 and a weekly fee of $6.00 plus golf fees. The weekly fee will be paid out each week with a small percentage taken out for the year-end tournament held the last Tuesday in October.

The weekly break-down is:
$1.00goes to closest to the pins
$5.00goes to the weekly purse.
30 to 40% of the field will be paid weekly. To be eligible for the year-end tournament a player must participate in at least 10 Tuesdays during the official season.